Probate Litigation

CONTRACT Thomas A. Moseley, Chartered has acted as a consultant in trust, probate and guardianship litigation for estates as large as $40 million. In particular, we specialize in “second marriage” litigation. We have been involved in probate and trust litigation alleging lack of capacity, undue influence, duress, breach of fiduciary duty and tortious interference with an expectancy, among many others.

Thomas A. Moseley, Chartered uses a flexible approach in an attempt to resolve disputes without litigation. If litigation results, we have represented numerous clients in mediating their disputes. Thomas A. Moseley, Chartered has relationships and works with other attorneys experienced in probate, trust and guardianship litigation if such disputes must be tried.

We view all litigation from the client’s standpoint. We see litigation as just one tool to resolve problems and disputes. Often, litigation that is initiated when emotions are running high can be resolved after passions cool. It is usually in the client’s emotional and financial interest to settle a case without prolonged litigation.