Wills and Trusts

CONTRACTThomas A. Moseley is a Board Certified Wills, Trusts and Estates lawyer.

Your estate is everything you own - your home, other real estate, bank accounts, investments, retirement benefits, IRA’s, insurance policies, annuities, collectibles and personal belongings.

Estate planning is done to provide who will control your estate and your medical decisions, and to minimize expenses in the event of your incapacity. If you do not plan for your incapacity, the State of Florida has provided a plan for you. However, the state’s plan is much more expensive than if you prepare a living will, healthcare surrogate, power of attorney or trust to provide for the management of your assets and your healthcare in the event of incapacity.

Estate planning is also done to control who will receive your estate, to maximize the assets going to your beneficiaries and to minimize the time and effort necessary to transfer your estate upon your death. If you do not plan for your death, the State of Florida has provided an estate plan for you. The plan provided by the State of Florida may or may not be the same plan you would choose if we prepared your will or trust.

Tax planning is another important reason for proper estate planning. The failure to do marital deduction planning can cost you up to $920,000 in unnecessary federal estate taxes in 2008. Additional estate planning for estates over $4 million can save even more in unnecessary federal estate taxes.

Asset protection has become an increasingly important estate planning goal. For more information on asset protection, select the Asset Protection Practice Area. For more information on estate planning to minimize family conflicts, see the Second Marriage Center.

The time to plan your estate is now while you can and before you need it. Estate planning is a simple way to provide financial protection and security for you and your loved ones. Properly plan your estate today to avoid problems tomorrow. Thomas A. Moseley, Chartered plans your estate with an emphasis on problem prevention. Beware of inexpensive or online estate plans that provide you with a document and not the protection and guidance you need.